The AFV Club M38A1

I looked up the M38 Jeep story and found this:

So, is the AFV Club suited for the USMC or not? The vehicle has a bunch of fittings so I cannot be sure.

Yes, AFV Club’s kit can be built as either a US Army or USMC jeep. I did it as an Army jeep. The AFV Club kit is very nice and very detailed. I did use a Verlinden PE set on it as well.

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The idea was that the Marines version has features the Army version would not have. But the instructions do not mention this.

They were the same using the same tie-down points and lift rings, etc. USMC-specific tie-down and such weren’t seen until the M151 series of 1/4 ton trucks, built by Ford, not Willys.

if you want a unique M38, the Navy used them in 68. Painted battleship grey! The medical teams used them when visiting villages