The Arado Ar 196 on the catapult being made ready | AeroScale

Friday start of the weekend, and what is better than to sail across the sea or maybe fly across the sea, Inspirations time, from the modeller, Manel Blasco Fernandez and his stunning diorama of the Arado Ar 196 being made ready for take-off, while the pilot and rear gunner are both getting strapped into their flying suites

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Are you kidding me? am I the first to post a comment on this work of art?

I hope people are looking at this rather than posting nonsense on FB.

Beautiful stuff.

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Really digging’ this concept. Outstanding work all round! :mag::sunglasses:


Awesome. The airplane, figures, catapult, and composition of the diorama.

One thing that I would like to see is more information about the model, scale, after market used, scratchbuild pieces, techniques, etc… Either in the same article or a separate one (if the information is available and the author is willing to share it, of course).

In any case, wonderful inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

Have a good one.


That’s a beauty, what the others have said - brilliant all round & I’d echo Jose’s questions. To which I’d add – no tail swastikas? Maybe the creator’s national laws don’t allow (?)

That is a beautiful build! thanks for sharing this!


That is simply outstanding! Beautiful job all around