The Archiving Project continues

Well here I am about 3 months past when I thought I would finish this up. I have archived Model Shipwrights (twice), Historicus Forma, Automodeler, Modelgeek, and AeroScale (twice almost) and…

They all got chucked. Every time I do one there is always some (mostly) significant problem with the archiving process I did not catch. I think I am getting down to the final issues though. There is like one minor thing left to address and then I think I can finally restart. Just archiving a site like AeroScale takes 2 full days btw. Most of the others are a day to 6 hours. Not looking forward to seeing how long Armorama takes. :smiley:

I did just finish two major changes though. The reviews main pages got the addition of a vendors list along the right as the old pulldown was not working via my archiver. Armorama :: Armor/AFV Scale Modeling

And the features pages had pagination added as the ajax scrolling doesn’t work either.

I have 2 weeks to try to finish this before yet another $200 monthly bill for that server hits again. Hopefully I can make it. Our hosting costs are rather extreme at the moment so if you were thinking about becoming a patron… yeah now would be a good time. :slight_smile:


7 Days… to do just the forums. And 36,000 pages to go…

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Less than 500 pages left. Woo hoo! :smiley:


Thank you, Jim.

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So… I am not done with this yet. As some of you have noted there are older reviews or other articles that are missing images. I am going to be doing a systematic find and replace on all the sites HTML pages to fix this situation and that ‘should’ restore most of the missing images. I am also fixing some issues with other things as well.

So… this means for a week or so I can imagine some serious wonkiness with the archive sites until all the images are uploaded and the pages restored to a version that supports those new image URLs.

Just letting everyone know. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jim. We’ll all have to grab a virtual beer once the archive is finished. :beer:


Aa usual these fixes always take longer to finish than I think they would.

Gallery archive: (not really indexed though - just for hosting purposes)
Photos archive: (not really indexed though - just for hosting purposes)
Armorama archive:
AeroScale archive:
Model Shipwrights archive:
KitMaker (general modeling content) archive:

Not finished…
AutoModeler archive
RailRoad Modeling archive
ModelGeek archive
HFmodeling archive

Hang in there Jim - I know you can do it!

So I hit a snag with the remaining sites photos. That being when I did those archives I stupidly had the archiving software amend the image names to avoid issues. But that is now causing an issue because the image location HTML doesn’t match with the /gallery and /photos file names. Uggg…

Will have to see if I can fix this, but it may take a while.