The best M60a1 mbt

I would like to know who makes the best 1/72nd M60a1 mbt, interms of detail and accuracy?

I would say either the Takom of AFV Club kit, depending on whether you want simple or complex building. Second from those is the old ESCI kit.

He’s looking for the best 1/72 M60A1 MBT, not 1/35.

I believe the Revell 1/72 M60s are the best in that scale.

Although OT for this question, I was really impressed with the Takom M60A1. I would love to see them continue the series with an -A2, & Slick. Tempted to use the Takom kit as a base to kitbash with kits from Academy, FREX.


Gino is correct, the 1/72 Revell M60’s are the best BUT they make an M60A3 with a dozer blade and an M60A1 with ERA (kit 03168) and that’s about it. Italeri (ex ESCI) made a straight M60A1 (kit 7074) and an M60A1 Blazer (kit 8318) but they are rather plain and worst of all have single piece bogie wheels, not pairs and there is nothing to even hint as them being a pair of wheels. You can check out different manufacturers kits at the Henk of Holland Web Site.

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Oops, sorry. Didn’t look at the scale. In that case, yea, Revell. The ESCI kit looks OK when done, but Revell is better.