The Break Up of Yugoslavia - An Objective Documentary?

The Break Up of Yugoslavia - An Objective Documentary?

Researching briefly for a Croatian T-34-85 build, realized I don’t understand what occurred in the former Yugoslavia.

Could someone point me toward an objective documentary? Likewise a concise book recommendation would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Wikipedia gives a pretty good rundown.

Thank you…

Yes indeed wiki is goodies!
Looking for a little more depth too.

I should explain a bit more. Back in 1991 we’d purchased a defective product. The company rep came out and took care of it. He saw a newspaper and a story about Yugoslavia. He commented his brother had went to the war zone to help with “ethnic cleansing” last week and he would be joining him next week.

I want to understand how that mess got so bitter. Why would folks willingly leave a safe haven and go jump into the middle of an inferno?

Maybe because the underlying conflicts go back many centuries?
Some background reading:

Let us know when you have sorted this mess :wink: :rofl:

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OK we are talking ancient conflict.

Thank you

along the lines of “Your great-great-great grandfather killed my great-great-great grandfather and raped his wife so I’m gonna carve you up and feed the pieces to the crows you ugly bastard”
No wonder they go at it with such energy …

Unfortunately this is the basis for most of the world conflicts…long long time a go,in a galaxy far far away,your grandpa,king,emperor, great great great something done that to my bla bla bla,or stole my land,candy,best Teddy bear…

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and then there is the other type of conflict based on: You got something that I want, give it here you stupid bugger before I bash your head in.
War as a large scale armed robbery, often disguised behind some ethnic/religious/historic grievance …

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I don’t agree…that is not an other type is just how the things start…i don’t bash your grandpa only because I don’t like it’s ugly face…at the start there’s allways something I want,land,oil,power,popularity or your sexy brother :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:…no body move a army to sing “girl just wanna have fun :star_struck: “ on the Champs Élysées…also religion it’s about power

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What I wanted to say was that some wars stay on the robbery level without even pretending to hide it behind some other reason


Memories seem to last forever overthere… Take Kosovo: the Serbs considdered it as rightfull theirs, as they fought a battle against the Ottomans there… The fact that they lost, seems lost on them … They fought there, so it is theirs…

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I think you will be very hardpressed to find anything remotely resembling an objective reporting or documentary.
Every side, be that political, ethnical, religious, ideological or even media, had their own angle and pushed their narrative. Some more vigorous then others.
Look for different sources, read up and come to your own conclusions, is my advice. I am in the process myself. And it is a mess.

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It can be, yes.
Did you find answers to your original question?
We might as well share information, while we’re at it.

I lost interest in the topic when the planned Croatian T-34-85 build ran into issues. My primary reference for the T-34-85 disappeared from the shelf, the spare Verlinden .50 cal MG for the model went missing & likewise with decal sheet with Croatian markings. I seldom loose items but went 3 out of 3.

My quick look around the web could only find a replacement copy for like $35 which seemed a little too expensive to me.
download (13)

The model ended up being a Soviet WW2 T-34-85

I picked up an extra RFM T-34-85 so eventually wantxto pick up the topic again.

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Lost all 3???
That is a sign from the DEMs, the “Divine Entities of Modelling”; thou shallt not build this subject.
Heed those warnings!

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