The country of origin and $ cost of hobbying

Buying a €50+ kit? Not likely to happen.
For me there are several factors that dictate.

  1. I do not like (over)complicated kits, which I perceive most of modernday kits are. Too many details ‘n’ tiny parts. I also like and prefer the kits of old for some weird reason. These days tracks have more parts then complete tanks 15-20 years ago.
  2. I mostly buy secondhand to keep costs down. I am on a low budget.
  3. I greatly enjoy hunting down the desired kit of the time as cheaply as possible. The hunt is often more fun than the acquisition.
  4. I do not like P.E. and A.M. is only used if certain parts can not be scratched or are otherwise absolutely necessary or unobtainable.
  5. My stash does not exceed 25 kits, due to often changing interests. If they shift, those I lost interest in get sold.
  6. Ordering kits from abroad incl. postage is next to always cheaper then buying domestic without.

Just for grins, I see Tom Petty on your wall. I grew up 5 houses down the street from him.


I loved that guy! Saw him play at the Civic Centre in Aylesbury UK back in the early ‘80’s.

His genius lives on………

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Wow, that is pretty cool. Lots of good music comes from that neck of the woods of Gainesville/ Jacksonville area; Skynyrd, Allman Bros, JJ Grey, Stephen Stills….

I was lucky to see him play before he passed.