The Earliest IDF AMX-13

I know the IDF modified the AMX-13 tanks they got in the 1950’s but if I understand correctly, the ones used in 1956 were not modified or repainted. Or am I wrong?

Definitely not modified but repainted in IDF sand color.

Also found this photo from Gaza 1957 that probably shows unpainted vehicles

I don’t have it, but Sabingamartin has a booklet on the AMX-13 in IDF service.

I have often wondered what that is on the barrel. A marking or something fitted to it - or a glitch in the photo?
You can just make out the bolted, not welded, road wheels in this pic.

The second image shows a vehicle with side skirts like this one. I love seeing quirky little things like that.

Could that “marking” on the barrel have something to do with the travel lock? From the next image down, the travel locks looks to be in about the same place as the “mark”.


Of course! Thanks Cory, the one thing I never thought of!

Chipping from the travel lock


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