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something so completely different that said it is nonetheless fantastic from the creative mind and hands of Victor Novikov and his amazing diorama "The Heart of the Mountain" and The Little Mammoth Cave

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Amazing! :flashlight::astonished:


Sorry to harsh on your beautiful diorama, but I can’t let this slide. I’ve been an organized, vertically-competent caver for over 45 years, explored hundreds of caves, including many of the world’s largest, and I’ve never seen anything remotely resembling whatever it is those guys are doing with the rope. Rappeling it is not. Anything resembling an actual descending technique it is not. Helmets with lights are standard equipment underground, gloves and kneepads too, sunglasses, not so much, it’s really, really dark underground, trust me. Flaming torches are for Neanderthals, they are all dead, as too would these guys be soon. This is not caving, this is spelunking. Cavers rescue spelunkers. We drag out dead bodies too.

The cave looks nice. The figures need work. There are many books available on vertical rope techniques for caving that could be used for reference. It would greatly improve your diorama if the cavers were using real-life techniques, not dead men walking.