The liberation of Kherson late 2022

The Ukrainians soldiers were greeted with joy and watermelon and reunited with mother after the liberation of Kherson in late 2022.


I have not been to Kherson nor Ukraine. I hope this doirama could represent the old street of Kherson.



An absolutely stunning capture of a very touching moment.

Слава захисникам! Слава Україні! :ukraine:


Stunning work, well done!

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Amazing Job!

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Beautiful work! Excellent details and painting!

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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What a stunner of a piece! From the first look that beautifully painted yellow house really grabs your attention. I think you’ve captured some of the joy and relief seen on that liberation day- it certainly reminds me of the pictures of those scenes. The soldier greeting the woman on her knees is particularly poignant. The figures, both civilian and soldiers, are painted to a fine degree- the multi-cam is well observed. Plus your M113 looks like it has been through a whole lot of dirt and fighting too!

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Wow … what a fantastic scene. Captured perfectly. Great depth with the building, and it unfolds into a lovely scene of civilians greeting their fighting men… brilliant painting and weathering.

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Wow, what incredible detailing and deep emotion. You’ve captured the scene perfectly.

Outstanding work. Great job all around!

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A very dynamic scene with amazingly rich use of figures, colors, shades, and weathering. Totally awesome figure painting, display positioning, detailing, and storytelling.


Very nicely done! Cheers!

Nicely done sir. Everything looks great,

i don’t often say it but this is a masterpiece, a true work of art, well done indeed!

Very moving diorama!

I’ve never been there either, but the atmosphere you managed to get out of a couple of pieces of plastic and some resin/plaster is absolutely amazing… It grabs you by the throat and pulls you in. You keep looking at it. Nice too, to see the Dutch YPR in a actual dio…