The Nazi’s Winter Warfare on the Eastern Front - 1941-1945 | Armorama™

Darren Baker takes a look at one of the latest offerings in the Images of War series 'The Nazi’s Winter Warfare on the Eastern Front - 1941-1945'.

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I find myself more and more turned off by those that use the nazi-label as a sensationalist salespitch and it makes me wonder how serious or knowledgeable the writer is about his subject, if he can not distinguish between nazis or the German armed forces.

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I hear you Ron and entertain the same basic thoughts. However, often times (and particularly with a compilation book of photos) the title is created by the publisher rather than the author (or in this case the compiler of the photos)
I’m pretty sure the publisher is banking on the universal familiarity of the term Nazi as a pretty limited audience would look twice at a title “The Heer’s Winter Warfare on the Eastern Front”


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