The Resurrection Draw

Not only do we have a “Cupboard of Doom” in our house but i also have a Resurrection Draw and out this draw came a kit that has taken me over 8 years to finish.
Yes ladies and Gentlemen this is the AFV Club 1/35 Scimitar. I first started building 8 years ago as i have said and in that time i have gone from being single to now being married as i met my wife about 6 years ago. i have also moved house as well as changed my job twice over.
I plan to pull another kit from there soon namely the Academy Warrior that i have sitting there waiting to feel the love and sunshine on it’s plastic skin, in the mean time you can see the fruits of my labour below:

@petbat Peter you can see the replacement tracks on this kit but not the bloody stumps for fingers i have left after building these fruil tracks :slight_smile: :laughing:


…and modeller prone to shortening fingers…

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@petbat, Peter, have you ever tried to wear gloves and assemble fruil tracks? that has to be teh definition of insanity. lol

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Looks really good!

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