The Swedish King

Dear all
during the lock down I realize some model, using material that I have at home.
The first subject Is a Porsche turret Tiger II in Swedish army

unfotunately the model gifted me didn’t have all the road wheel and a plan B started.
Fortunately my friend Giuseppe had a number of resin wheels that he gave me together with the model

Very nice of Giuseppe to give you those resin wheels!

yes I’m a lucky men. Giuseppe (Zambelli) support me with spare material and suggestions.

a washer is fitted as spacer…

ok now i search prototype drive sprockets and a M60 deep wading tube

parts found after hours of research in my fully ordered confusion

road wheels are fixed with vinilic glue and calm…

I was able to
add a lot of rust…


OK - I’ll bite - or am I the only one who’s never heard about a Swedish King Tiger? (I know I can Google but I’d rather be put in the picture by some experten on this site please!)

look here

Just the job - many thanks!

I had not heard of it either!

'Glad I’m not alone then Ken! I’m still curious about those exhausts though; a technical experiment or driven by necessity - or both? Just imagine if it was still running!

it 's not yet finished but the overall look is complete