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The other two volumes from Bruce Oliver Newsome on The Tiger Tank and Allied Intelligence series.

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Hmm. Can we improve this a little?

One sentence says the Tiger’s gun counterbalance was moved in the “new turret” which, it says, was the 820th in January 1944.
Actually the “new turret”, with its new counterbalance, was turret 392 and it arrived in July 1943.

Also; there’s a photo of a Tiger recovering a T-34 and the caption says “circa December 1942”. Well, I can’t see much of the Tiger but it was built in January 1943 at the earliest. And given its wear and tear, I suspect this is a year later than the caption says.


I concur that the write up is less than stellar and sometimes hard to follow, but attacking a member because he points out these inaccuracies is not acceptable. If you can’t provide anything constructive to the thread, please don’t post.

I saw the Tiger 131 book in the Tank Museum shop in May. i wish i’d bought it then. i waited to buy it on Amazon but it wasn’t any cheaper. Any tips on where to get best price? Looked like serious archival research. Like the caption says clearly the full story of TIger 131, all the maps and photos from the Tank Museum.