The US car meet's of 2020

Well car meet’s in 2020 was almost non existing. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all the major car meet’s were not allowed to take place.
Two big US car meet’s I always attend, the Turtleball and Viking run, didn’t happen in 2020, Turtleball takes place every year, with +300 US cars, Viking run (only every second year), with +2600 US cars. Really sad the later didn’t happen, cause that is massive and a tremendous party, with cars from Denmark(naturally) Sweden, Germany, even Iceland one year and sometimes a few cars, from Norway. US cars only, carnival, live music, food stands, swapmeet, tents, caravans and lots of people talking cars over the 4 days it takes place. Unfortunately we have to wait until 2022, for another Viking run.

During the summer, were restrictions lifted slightly, I was at two car meet’s. A cruise, with Mustang club of Denmark and a meet, with American horsepower, both US car clubs I am proud to be a member of.

Mustang club, of Denmark has a long tradition of Wednesday cruising. We meet the first Wednesday, of each month, during the season and go cruising. A cruisemaster plans where we meet, when we start, the route and where we end the cruise.
The only cruise, of the season had beautiful weather and a fair amount of cars. We started at the wonderful town of Frederikssund and ended at the beautiful 18’th century mansion of Edelgave.

We had a single gathering, at the American horsepower club. Amazing weather and gorgeous cars.

Damians favorit? Just a wild guess.

This is my little pony.

This Edsel has a 454 Chevy engine, cranking out 750HP.

The guy, who owns the Edsel, also owns this Camaro

Trailer queen?


Outstanding! Thanks for sharing Jesper, a wonderful set of images and every single vehicle looks stunning!

I love the '57, but it needs a nice set of Cragars! Your Pony is a true classic, the off-white and blue combination is unmistakable. Beautiful vehicle.

Honestly, if I could walk up to the display and drive away in whichever car I wanted, it would be a very hard choice. The Z/28 and the 67 Impala Super Sports would probably be at the top of the list.

I’m sure that these gatherings were a whole heap of fun, the weather looks perfect and the settings are ideal.

Cheers, D

Great set of pictures Jesper. I like your Mustang, but interesting to see how much bigger Mustangs got over the years.


Nice post and pictures!
Indeed, Covid has impacted alot of events, hopefully everything gets back to normal soon.
I too miss the car meets and the model meets.
Stay safe everyone.

Talk about an impressive car event. All American muscle cars, and they all look fantastic. Love your Mustang in the White with blue stripes. I’m guessing it’s a 1966 with a 289?


@Hwa-rang - Beautiful cars, great pictures! Thanks for sharing, Jesper! :+1:t3: :raising_hand_man:t3:

Glad you like them😀.
They are only, a fraction, of a fraction, of what could have been, if not for that d…virus.

Joel: It is a '66 model, born with a 289, but that one was replaced, in 2014, by a 302 crate engine. A lot more juice, then the original engine.