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Here we look at a title from Pen and Sword's image of War series titled The Waffen-SS Ardennes Offensive.

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Well, what can I say? While I welcome any new publication on the Waffen SS and the Bulge, I’m slightly disconcerted by the fact the main picture on the cover looks like a well-known shot of Panzer Lehr in Normandy. Even in the few sample shots in the review I notice one of 116th Panzer (the “Windhund” Division) which belonged to the Heer, not the SS. I feel I would need to inspect this book personally before buying, as with quite a few of the “Images of War” series, a lot of errors appear to have crept in. This wouldn’t be so bad, except for the fact that these books major on the photos, so if the image is inappropriate to the title, or the caption wrong, it takes away from the usefulness of the book.

I have a few of the Images of War series books, and the majority of them are good…however I do run into miscaptions and wrong dates for pictures.

This is a big one…

I do not think that the Panther has ever been considered a “Heavy” Tank by anyone.

The Panther at 45 tons was considered a heavy tank by the Allies. This is why they were such a shock in Normandy. It was expected that they would be in heavy tank battalions like the Tiger, but they turned out to be organic to tank regiments in Panzer divisions. However, it is true that the Germans classed it as a medium tank.

I have never heard or read about it as a “Heavy” tank, at only 45 tons, while the Sherman was 34 tons, with the Tiger I being 56 tons, and Tiger 2 at 70 tons which is why they were “Heavy”, could be though.