this my diorama that I will be displaying at our clubs table at IPMS Teleford this year

The hummer is from italeri with added pieces I made, the beetle is from revell and the zombie figures are from masterbox and figures are resin ones from the internet

The building is from miniart


Looks cool Gaz, some great little bits to it. Love how you did the Hummer as well. Are you showing it to be judged or just to show on a group table ? Only reason I ask is you can see a few bits of what I presume is glue or residue from where you have secured some of the blown leaves ?? Thats not me being critical as I think its great, but not sure if judges would pick it up ??

Loving it, anything with a Post-apoc theme grabs my attention. Just wondering, has your road surface come a bit unglued from the base?



One way to avoid visible glue residue is to give a heavy spray of a matte-coat over-all and while still wet, apply leaves. When everything is dry, the leaves will be “glued” to the base without visible traces, with a matte finish. Spray again to seal the leaves onto the base. If you want more depth to random leaves, spray again selectively, and add more leaves.
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Wonderful job in all aspects, model, accessories and figure!

Thanks for the comments.

With regards to the road I tried to experiment with sand paper to get the road surface, however after the glue had dried, didn’t look great

I will try the Matt varnish to get rid of the glue residue

And for the model it’s not good enough for the judges table, just a table display for our club at Telford