There's an X-Wing in the Smithsonian

i found this interesting video on youtube today, would be really useful to update your bandai kit


I think this is excellent. tThe Enterprise from Star Trek is there along with
captian Kirks chair. think science fiction may end up as science fact.

@G.Baran as i recall isn’t that how we all ended up with personal communicators a.k.a mobile phones and wasn’t it someone watching doctor mcCoy using a heart monitor that inspired someone to actually build one?


Star Trek had tablets way before Ipads…

UFO had phones in cars, etc.

Just re-watching Space:1999 with a mate - we get together once a week.

It is fun seeing the Gerry Anderson inspired future ideas that are now common reality, and then the old anachronisms still there for others - paper tape computers, paper print outs from impact printers, manually calculating and transmitting intercept trajectories for the interceptors, etc. Well it was the late 60’s and mid 70’s…

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