This one time on patrol…

@ Tank_1812. I actually kinda’ liked the puddle. I thought there was a theme where the GI had hurled onto the floor after sampling too many kegs! :wine_glass:

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Lots of ways to go with I think a golden ochre oil spill. I am sure the post patrol celebration might have lead to a similar event.

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No canteens or pouches but how about these canteen cups?

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Those look great, might have to get them to have in general. Thanks.

Lookin good Tank ,ok this is how it’s lookin so far . Excellent exercise/template for when I make my own
The white fig. is Verlinden , the grey Dragon . I don’t know where the Alpine guy fits in between , don’t have an Alpine guy .
It took two Honey Jacks on ice and a few butts to figure out how to make the inside piece the staves will be attached to the barrel heads .
I used plaster , I found an oval/oblong container that held pencils . I save everything that has even the remotest possible connection to scratching . It’s a tad heavy , well actually you could put it through a window with a good toss .
Is this going to be France or Italy ? need to know for the writing on the barrel head .


France or Italy setting ?

The cask looks great.

Not sure where this uniform timeframe places him?

For discussion purposes only.

Player’s choice. Figures can be adjusted.

Tanker jacket and short brim cap accurate for entire war. Pants look like generic combat pants you can use that for the same timeframe. Tanker bib-front coveralls had a fly(zipper) to the left of midline. You’d have to add some detail to make that happen.
Double buckle combat boots mostly mid 44-45.

Unpainted figure next to cask is wearing leggings. They were less common towards the end of the war.

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MiniArt box art shows a suppressed M3 grease gun (lower left). Save that for a MAC SOG diorama.

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Would the Alpine figure tanker jacket typically have a Inf Div patch and/or rank on it or would a tanker jacket only be used by tank personnel?

Tanker jackets, and other such clothing would only be issued to AFV crewman. Unit patches would be worn on them, but typically would be an armored unit triangle. Either from an armored division, or infantry division’s attached tank battalion. Rank chevrons may or may not be worn by NCOs, but there are no epaulets for officers rank to be pinned upon.


Thanks, thought it might be something along those line but wasn’t sure.

I agree with Stikpusher regarding armor crew. But keep in mind the tanker jacket was a popular item. It was a big improvement over the M41 field jacket. This resulted in non-authorized wear by those who could get them. Infantry were not as eager to display rank on patrol. You’d see some with and others without rank or division patches.

Officers could have epaulettes added or embroidered rank sewn directly to the correct spot on shoulders.

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I padded out the plaster center piece with tape to a level just a hair under the barrel heads . Then added a tape stringer center piece to give the staves a bowed look from barrel head to head .


That looks great.


Making barrel staves:
Link to drawing

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All I’ve got to do is add the metal bands and some printing on the barrel head .
Then I can mail it to you and then I’ll start on the round barrel .


:scream: wow, that sure is pretty.

I need to pick up the pace. I have the one figure primed.

That gigantic barrel is really beautiful!

That barrel is perfect!