Three Amigos: Takom, Tamiya & Dragon Neo - Panzer IIIN build log

Might we see a color photo of this interesting camo pattern please?

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I’ll try to take better pictures.

Two artist interpretations of Dunkelgrau Pz III’s with winter white wash may help with the colors.

One WW2 era B&W from the web, of a 502nd Tiger & Pz III ausf N.


Love your paint flaking! Very jealous!

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Once again coming much too later to the party here . . .

A detailing suggestion for those Pz. III and Pz. IV turret shields: For a change, pose them in the open position and possibly add a figure there.


I like the aesthetics of a buttoned up vehicle. One glance at my figure painting you’ll understand why.

Who wants to see Hanz or Franz or their inbred identical twins hanging out of a Pz IIi or IV hatch? No one, wants to see that, not even in the dankest sewers of the internet.

I wouldn’t put those two losers in a Panzer Gray 1970’s Tamiya JagdPanther.

:laughing: :rofl: :joy: :joy_cat: and those are the best ones!

Thank you, the paint work has been fun so far.

I like the top soft Testor’s nylon brush to wet the model and gently “wash”. Helps test how well bonded the layer to be chipped will hold.

Areas that bond well and have chipped get the middle brush. It’s stiffer and more aggressive. It will wipe out poorly bonded paint which is why I like to start with the softer Testor’s brush.

The old stubby Floquil brush will obliterate pretty much any freshly painted surface with chipping fluid under it. It’s almost like reverse drybrushing…


But you forced us to see them anyways! So you might just as well put them (or their inbred kin) on the vehicle now.


My two rules for using figures with AFV models.

Rule #1 never use a figure that detracts from the model.

Rule #2 see Rule 1


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But you made us look at them. I think that is considered torture under the Geneva Convention.


Does your CVS or Walgreens carry Eye-Bleach? Sometimes that helps wash away the lingering after images…sometimes it doesn’t.

Rumor is looking at those two was used as “enhanced interrogation”.


I hear banjo music…


…that’s the dangerous music because their Uncle-Daddy “Willy” Wilhelm might show up unexpectedly…

:laughing: :rofl: :joy:


Edit - posted 251/23 in wrong thread

Chips away…


Two weeks, time for an update. Kept tweaking the Tamiya Pz III ausf N by adding a pin wash & dry brushing.

Regarding the picture quality…

Black & white…

Color…no effects or flash.

The model doesn’t look like either picture to my eye. The pictures that follow have auto color adjust and sometimes flash. They seem closer but are also somewhat off the mark.

After a few additional paint tweaks, will gloss coat & decal and they apply vertical streaking.


Tweaked the Dunkelgrau RAL 7021 slightly. No flash or no image processing on the pictures.

I felt with the oil dot oil streaking with white coming the gray needed more variation.


Those greys are beautiful Wade. It all flows nicely and the tonal variation is subtle. Matched against the geometric shapes of the worn white it creates visual interest and graphic activity over the entire model. Excellent job!


Thank you, Matt. Much appreciated!

Today, gloss coat went on, hopefully decals tomorrow.

Found a few 502nd schwere Panzer Battalion pictures on the web that are interesting for discussion purposes only.

Enlarged & chopped to show the Pz III ausf N better.

The stowage rack is a nice detail.

Anyway, weathered the Pz III’s tracks today. They had previously had a treatment of VMS Track Black 2.0 Pro.

Couple of Floquil rust & dirt washes made with Mr.Color Leveling Thinner.

Followed with Graphite pigment dry brushed.

The old original style folding clasp Fruilmodel’s tracks felt so fragile but they stayed together. Finally tweaks to tracks after they go on the model.


Decal day…


Slapping tracks on…hit a land mine when suddenly the other track wouldn’t fit.

Long story short, a guide tooth somehow got bent at an angle. It slid through two return rollers but wouldn’t go through the the third one. The tracks slid in place like butter :butter: just like it came off of the model once the Panzer Dentist straighted it.

Anyway, 1/35 scale repairs completed but still waiting on antenna & flat coat.

With the Tamiya Pz III ausf N getting close to the finish line, started thinking about the Takom blitz pig :pig2: :neutral_face: that started the thread.

Those suck-taclular kit link & length tracks are going file 13 as I hate them based on principle, appearance and for fundamental religious reasons (j/k?, not really, am I too serious about this, probably, call it a panzer police flashback).

Due to strong bias against this model, that’s the minimum change to get this over the finish line. That should dispell the negative energy around this model in hippy speak.

My intentions, paint the Blitz pig :pig2: in Tri-color at the same time as the Italeri Panther. Hopefully, in an efficient production process.


Awww Wade, even ugly models deserve some love…


Matt, well said!

Inspired me to take the Stankum/Takom “Blitz” Pz III ausf N, to our club meetoday for a new set of tracks. Ideally to see the paint booth next week but…

Wade’s World & The Holy Grail

Today’s Saturday club meeting, was a misadventure, as I confirmed “the meeting” but not the location. Arrived to an empty parking lot. Remembered, today was the day: IPMS Roscoe Turner Indianapolis Invitational Contest & Swap Meet the largest model show in the Mid-West/R4. The contest was only a few miles away so over to the show.

Lot of cool models. Very busy etc

The massive vendor turn out was most impressive.

Buyer beware, as always…

Picking through a liquidation table, I found something practically worth its weight in Tritium…the Holy Grail only cost $12…

…he mentioned he had a case (WTF!!!) of this marvelous elixir.

I said SOLD!!!, I’ll Take It ALL

That six pack was all that remained. I felt very lucky and grateful to have scored the last of his inventory.

Many will say what’s the big deal, there’s lots of quality flat coats…yes but I’ve seen this stuff fix super glossy disasters other flat coats like Testors Dul-coat and whatever else couldn’t touch. I’ve seen it sprayed so heavy it pooled like spilled milk :milk_glass: and the models color coat disappear…to come out OK dead flat when hit with a hair dryer. Never seen anything else come close, even after Testor’s killed the product line. So yes, I was so giddy I literally danced through the vendor area in a drunken euphoria of Pactra Acrylic Flat A48 happiness :blush: :slightly_smiling_face: :smiling_face:

Naturally, that surge of endomorphines came with a steep price…

$5 for a very jacked up old Tamiya Pz IV kit
$35 for a new addition to the Amigo’s

Adding insult to stupidity :roll_eyes:

$20 for a Dragon BMP 2E, 1990 nostalgia
$5 for a very jacked up Tamiya centaur
$20 for another Amigo

The price on the Pz III command was $28, and I was OK with paying it. The vendor was busy talking about how great, awesome and godlike it was to be a pilot with another pilot of similar mind set.

Top Gun moment? No, closer to Top Bus Driver.

$20 seemed a fair offer after having to listen to them. He said yep and immediately went back to jaw jacking.

Half hour later…OMG!!!

What sort of worthless crap did I buy, that I don’t need???

Looks like a trip by the land fill is in order on the way home…(j/k)