Tiger 1 Early with twin storage bins

After an exhaustive search on the Internet I now come to Armorama in hopes that someone will deliver.
I have a tiger one dragon initial production 6600 on the bench and would like to do the twin storage bins.

First what would be carried in the twin storage bins. Everything and anything or was it for specific items?

Does anyone have pictures of other tiger ones initial with twin storage bins other than the instructions?

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Tiger 1 specifics are way beyond my knowledge base thanks to about 250 changes over a 1347 vehicle production run. However, the following maybe of interest.

Tiger 1 Info - website

Tiger 1 - Rear Storage Bins

Thank you Armor Buff for putting this in perspective…” 250 changes over a 1347 tigers”.

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Moral of story; If you see a Tiger I storage box that is aligned centered with the center line of the turret, it is probably mounted wrong.

There was only one Tiger with those two storage bins, one on each side. It was Tiger “100” at Leningrad, Winter 42-43 and your only option is to have it grey or whitewashed.

What would they keep in the bins? Anything not important enough to keep inside. Bedding, food, whatever. But these particular Tigers had a stable home base to return to, so not everything they owned would have to be in there.


Hi David,

Thank you very much for sharing that!!! I like to build armor but don’t dig to deep into historical facts and information. Folks like you On this forum put things into perspective and keep us dialed into reality.