Tiger I - hull S mine question


Looking for some help with wiring for the S mines. I have seen photos of where the wires come out of the hull but am having a hard time figuring out where they go from there.

Where do the wires attach to the actual S mine? If there is no mine in the launcher where does wire coming from the hull attach?

Any help would be great…photos even better.


Google the following phrase without quotes and look at images;

s-mine tiger1.info

There are several pages on David Byrden’s tiger1.info site on S-mines, unfortunately they are not all linked so you need to look at them individually.
This link shows the wiring layout;

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Thanks Paska ! It looks like I’ve been doing it wrong for decades. The “finger hole” has been the spot where I’ve put the wire. A big thanks to David for all the info he freely shares. You too Bart for asking the question I never thought to ask.
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