Tiger I hybrid

I have a early, mid & late tiger I kits that are missing parts so I’m planning to build a tiger I hybrid, but I’m having trouble finding pic’s that show which parts of each tank are used

Most pics are black & white and do not show much detail

Need to find detailed pics

David Byrden’s Tiger Info page might be of help.


Osprey’s; Modelling the Tiger I has a build-up of “F05” of Gruppe Fehrmann. Since we are lacking actual photos of F05, the build is largely a synthesis of known features from other vehicles in this group, primarily those of F01, an early Tiger, refitted with late features including badly-damaged Zimmerit on the hull only, steel wheels and late-pattern tracks.

don’t we all! lol but in reality the usual suspects need to be consulted.

this may help http://www.alanhamby.com/tiger.html

There’s also a website in German for the Tiger but I cannot remember the name of it.

Also, if you’re kit-bashing, why not just do what it is you want? By late war German’s were throwing everything and anything to the front. From what I understand they were often missing their outer most road wheels among other bits and pieces. I’m definitely not a Tiger expert though!

Have fun!!

Ok I was wrong

I have a early & mid tiger I and a sturm tiger

So what I’m going to do is…

Lower chassis/steel wheels – Sturm tiger
Upper hull – mid pro. tiger
Turret – early tiger

I could perhaps suggest some hybrid that I’ve seen in my long life?


Might just build something you would have seen towards the end of WW II