Tiger I Initial, RFM

Great weathering on this. The exhaust stacks look really nice and a nice fade from rust to soot … Very good …

And welcome Lou @MTTF … very good points :+1: :+1:


Wow! Awesome build! Very realistic application of the weathering effects from the rusting impacts to the mud. Great job!

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Outstanding model Sasa! The finish is beautiful. The variations of the base coat look excellent as does the very realistic weathering. Fantastic job!

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Yet, there’s still time.

That is a beautiful finish! Excellent work!

incredible build. Love the fact that the tank is missing a wheel and one of the smoke dischargers is damaged.

The Mammoth insignia (“Mammut” in German), belongs to the 502nd Heavy Panzer Battalion (Schwere Panzer Abteilung 502), which saw action on the Eastern Front in 1942-45.

Terrific paintwork, well done, totally with you on workable treads!

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Thank you all!!!

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