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If you’ve tried to visit TimeLines Forum during 2020, you likely saw a goodbye message for TimeLines Forum visitors.

TimeLines Forum isn’t actually gone. It’s just moved over to facebook. Like many forum sites in the past few years, TimeLines Forum’s userbase began to rely more and more on facebook and less on forum sites, for their daily modeling fix. So, in 2016 I created a TimeLines Forum facebook page.

By early 2020, it was apparent that only a small number of visitors still visited the forum site on a weekly basis, so it no longer made sense to keep paying hosting costs. The forum site was shuttered and TimeLines Forum was moved to facebook in the form of a page (used for promoting the hobby, linking useful videos, etc.) and a TimeLines Forum group (where group members can post questions, hold discussions, show their work, new release info, and classifieds for hobby-related items).

I’ve updated the homepage of the old site with explicit links to these entities, while it remains online. If you’re a facebook user, please feel free to visit TimeLines Forum over there via these links.

TimeLines Forum facebook page

TimeLines Forum facebook group



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PS, I’ve still got my excess Colorado Miniatures inventory listed for sale on the old TimeLines Forum site. It’s been in boxes for a couple of years, but I pulled it out and inventoried it over the summer and am trying to sell off as much as possible at pretty good prices (and with the extra 25% discount, great prices!!). You’ll see the link for that listing by visiting the old forum site TimeLines forum

I’ll probably keep the old forum site URL active at least into the early part of 2021 just to help sell off that inventory.

Thanks for the heads up Gray.


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