TM Panhard AML-90


I have just started to build the TM Panhard AML-90 and unusual for me, am following the set assemly guide.
With regards to the 90mm main gun, I noticed that there is no breech block…or am I not noticing it somewhere on the sprues?
I have spent over an hour trawling through verious sites, looking for images of said gun.
However, apart from a line drawing, I can’t find a decent picture showing the block.
The nearest had the gun in full recoil, so the breech was open and block down and hidden from view. Plus others only looking up from below.
I can guesstimate the general shape , but need to know how high the slideing lugs show above the breech surface.
Anyone help at all please

No worries now.

Later that same night, decided to look through my Haynes manual for the AML-90 again…sod’s law, found an excellent picture, with a perfect shot of the breech area!!!

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