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Available from Tommy's War is this 1/32 scale figure depicting a squad leader in BrigGen Douglas McArthur’s 84th Brigade, from the 42nd (NG) ‘Rainbow” Division which punched out of the St Mihiel salient in September 1918. Note that its release was delayed as it was found out after painting that the figure's left arm needed to be corrected -- the last photo below shows the corrected arm position.

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Good over all but the trench gun looks a bit too slender top to bottom around the receiver.

This is a handsome figure with good anatomy. However, the M1907 pattern suspenders would be very rare in France by the time the AEF got into combat. This figure might be sculpted after some period photo, so the M1907 suspenders are possible, but they are also certainly not usual.

The figure would be much more appealing to me, at least, if he was wearing the M1910 haversack with suspenders. His M1010 cartridge belt and accessories appear good, though.

(BTW, the scabbard for the bayonet should also be in khaki colored material with a leather tip.)

Finally, it seems the painter just made up the color for the sergeant’s stripes. Maybe red for USMC but not for the US Army. Just boring ol’ tan.

Hopefully Tommy’s war will release some more AEF figures, but this one represents a rare bird, indeed. Their USMC figures are nice, but again, they don’t represent the appearance of the average American combat soldier in the AEF.

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I think the WW1 bayonet for the M1917 Enfield was issued with that trench gun. That would mean a leather scabbard (painted O.D. ?) with metal fixtures. I’m not sure if the whole scabbard was painted or if the metal was blackened? The one I have is the P14 version. That scabbard is brown leather with black metal fixtures.

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Ah! My mistake!

I thought the M1897 trench gun also took the M1905 bayonet (which would be in the M1910 scabbard).

The M1917 bayonet modeled on the British Pattern 1913 bayonet (to fit on the US manufactured M1917 rifle) did indeed have a green leather covered scabbard and was the bayonet issued for the M1897 trench gun, as well.

Thanks! Learned something new today!

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