Toning down instrument panel decals

I am building a 1/48 kinetic f-18. I just finished painting the instrument panel knobs and switches yesterday and need to apply the dial face decals. I started on the ones on the main console

The decals are cartograph and quite nice. They’ve snugged down into the dial faces quite nicely. Problem is, the dual outlines are white. This just doesn’t match the real deal

I was thinking of dry brushing the raised detail to eliminate or town down the white circle outlines. Anyone done this before or have other tips?

Considering how good they look, I’d probably just leave it as it is if it were mine. You might be able to use a very fine engineer’s pen to remove the circles. Might give more precise control than drybrushing.



I would do the saem. remember they will be a lot less visible when inside the model