Toyota Hilux 1:35 GROM

The Base Model is a 1:35 Scale Pickup from Meng
The vehicle belongs to the Polish Special Unit G.R.O.M from operations in Afghanistan
What I did:

  • removal of the door on the right side of the front and rear.

  • removal of the rear left door

  • building a cabin cage with b and c pillars for the right and left sides

  • in addition, there are seat belts on the b-pillars

  • rework of the front bumper

  • making a winch in the front

  • reworking the back of the frame, adding a tow hook

  • altering the rims to the correct pattern

  • tinted rear window made new because it broke from the model

  • refrigerator, pelikan boxes, 3D print warning light

  • handle removed from the tailgate

Okay, end of babbling, enjoy watching


Looks great. Nice job on removal of the doors and pillar additions.

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thank you
By making additional posts, the construction of the model took over a year

Well done! Did you scratch the cargo net or use aftermarket?

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Perhaps this might tempt you into building a second one? :slight_smile:

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I made the cargo net from scratch from 1mm thick masking tape, painted it with acrylic paint from MIG and used a wash from the Polish manufacturer Modellers imitating sand

From the pickup I also have an Afghan Police Ford and a Toyota Land Cruser probably Desert Storm Green Berets

Great built, nicely done pillars and other extra works. :+1:

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Very nice! Did you go and get the actual Toyota paint?

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Computer matched varnish is a joke :wink: as we say in Poland, matched by eye’’ it is a mix of green metallic and blue metallic from the Gunze palette