Toyota technical in Lybia

Hi again,
hope the community won’t find me to pushy, I have been off line for so long…
This is the second improvised fighting vehicle I did; it should be set back in 2011 when Geddafi government collapsed and the renmants of his army gathered as the Free Lybian Army to counter fight the newly born Transitional National Council


Looks great!

Nice! My favorite part(s) is the square stock steel frame supporting the quad barrel

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It’s not from scratch, just a good aftermarket from Meng to fit perfectly in their Toyota…
A part from the barrel and tank this is an OOB model.

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Then, great paint work on this :grin:

I like the look. :+1::+1:

Fantastic work again Stefano. You’re not being to pushy, as I’m sure like me, most guys on this site can’t get enough lol! Keep em coming !

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Great model! Thank you for sharing.


Fantastic rendition of the photograph- you really nailed that camo scheme!

That is sweet! Great subject, nicely done, and makes me want to do one!

an excellent rendition and a fantastic build, well done indeed.