Track Sagging Clamps and Other Dumpster Diving Tips

What happens after too much coffee. :coffee:

I knew these bag-ties from my favorite ‘KGBlend’ would come in handy someday…

Cut in-half and bend into desired shape…

Insta Track Sagging Clamps!:bulb:

Thought this little repurposing tip was worth passing along. :clamp:

Cheers! :coffee:


Great idea!
Unfortunately to the disappointment of my parents I like Keurig coffee… :yum:
So no repurposing that for me!

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Paint mixing cups! :art: :smiley:

Another example… my bottle cap repurposing kit. The Glade Plug-In tops (lower right) are especially handy for holding small parts and for figure painting. :art:

If you must smoke, please don’t fling your butts outa’ the half-track. … :smoking:


Ooooh! Great idea!

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Better then spending money on those jigs