Updated 6/13

I have the following available for sale or trade. Wish list at the bottom, will consider partial trades & reasonable offers. Most of my stuff is 1/35 armor so I’ll list the aircraft first. I’m approximating values here as best I can find. All are complete unless noted, most bags are sealed if they came bagged. Shipping from 28227 estimated around $11 per kit on the plastic, probably more for the B25 because of the size of the box.

Bowser HO scale electric 4-6-2 steam loco with tender. K4 Pennsylvania unmarked. Die cast Metal kit, HEAVY, built. Couple details missing are the headlight, whistle and bell. I had nice brass upgraded ones, now I can’t find either those or the originals so you’d need replacements and a drawbar to the tender. It needs a wire re-soldered that goes to the tender. I think everything else is present. Runs on the bench off a 9v battery I don’t have track to test it on. - $100

Accurate Miniatures 1/48 B-25B Doolittle raider -$50 - SOLD
Accurate miniatures 1/48 P-51A + True Details resin cockpit detail set- $35
Accurate miniatures 1/48 IL-2 Sturmovik with skis - $25

Hobbycraft Iraqi T-72 HC6007 $30
Eastern Express KV-1S 35100 - $15
CMK VW Type 83 Kastenwagen T35018- SOLD
AFV Club M88 ‘Nam 35011 - (has some extra parts left over from when I built their M88A1)- SOLD
Verlinden 1613 German WWII tank crew wet/cold - complete, two figures primed, some arms attached - SOLD

Book- Wings of the Luftwaffe by Capt Eric Brown $10

Tiger I early tracks - link & length, workable, or Indy link will work as long as they’re better than Tamiya rubber bands
Sherman M4A3 track T48
Sherman M4A3 105 mm metal barrel
M8 Greyhound metal barrel
Nashorn Sd.Kfz.164 metal barrel

Will consider trades of newer mold 1/35 armor kits. Mostly interested in German WWII armor, Stug III A-F, Jagdtiger mid- late, Sturmtiger, Dragon Stug IIIs from the 6600 line, newer Tamiya, Takom etc. kits welcome! WWI tanks too.


Hi Greg,
I have the Takom Stug III G early production kit. I’d be interested in trading it for the Verlinden figures. If you’re interested you can email me at
Regards, Bob