Transon Brush Review

Hairy Sticks. Love em or hate em . we all use them .
Transon Artist Brushes, these were a recent acquisition. Just a spur of the moment purchase.
I already have the required stash of " trash brushes" that are used and abused , but never for the serious work.
Now to get down to the matter at hand which may or may not be holding a hairy stick. In my arsenal are a set of very nice Davinci brushes and a slightly lesser quality of Benichi which are very good brushes and carried a price tag that I will not disclose.
Transon offers a set of brushes that will tackle almost every available scenario a model builder will face , with the exception of a fan brush.
When my set arrived , I was a bit surprised to find them in a nice zipper enclosed case .
They range in sizes from a 3 to a 10 zero. Yes a 10 zero. With a total of 15 pieces.
As with any quality brush they need to be cleaned with a bit of soap and water prior to use to remove the brush forming agent.
As with any new tool I was excited to use them and quickly put them through the paces .
These brushes performed extremely well and well past my expectations.
Once the brushes had been used they were cleaned with water and then treated with Masters touch brush cleaner and preserver.( this is a must have product )
After cleaning they retained the original shape as if they had never been used.
These are very highly recommended.
Transon brushes prove that you do not need to spend a Sith Lords ransom to get good hairy sticks .
I purchased nine from Amazon for $ 13.84


At first glance I said to myself “if it comes in a case I can’t afford it”, but at 13.50 that ain’t bad at all considering some single brushes start at that price. :wink:

Cajun :crocodile:

Thanks for the information :+1::slight_smile:

I seem to destroy 1 to 3 brushes per project and am always on the look out for quality brushes at a lower cost.

You are correct thank you .

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Wade. These are nice brushes . At that price you can afford to destroy a couple. Lol

For some reason, amazon Spain has them for 10x more:

Transon Artist Detail Pinceles de pintura con estuche 15 piezas para modelo de pintura en miniatura : Hogar y cocina

(at least it looks the same set you have)

That’s insane . I don’t know why they would be so much more … I can screen shot my price . Use it to question amazon.