Trash bin 3

Hello everybody,

after briefly introducing myself and my STS-6 long-term project in General Discussions, I want to present you an insight into my project, you can follow the following link and decide for yourself whether you are interested in it or not.

I’m not the typical kit modeler, I love small details and prefer meanwhile scratch-building by using a wide variety of materials as Styrene, paper, metal, wood, etc. …

Over the years, the scope of the project has gradually expanded. In the middle of that I also decided on lighting the whole pad with about 300 LEDs, and in the meantime even a diorama of the entire Lauch Complex 39A (160 cm x 90 cm 1/160) is planned with some typical vehicles like Payload Canister Transporter with Payload Canister, Astrovan, Tank truck and Fire engine.

Source: NASA

That could look something like this mini diorama (1/700) from Tomytec, whose base plate is only 35 cm x 29 cm “big”.

Source: Tomytec

So much for a first overview, although you would certainly have to plan a few days of vacation to read the 120 pages construction report, maybe too much for someone …

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