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Triglav announces a 1/35 TAM 2001 C van in resin

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This Yugoslav stuff is actually quite interesting, yet I’m not interested enough to purchase any(!)

Their earlier products all look pretty good to me though and I’m sure this latest one would fit nicely into any UNPROFOR/IFOR/SFOR setting in the former Yugoslavia.

I must just add that my lack of interest is not to disparage but merely that I’m swamped with my stash of Cold War projects.

Very interesting,

Is this a Magirus design. If it is then it’s a must have.

Regards jason

I’ve just realised I might be wide of the mark here; if the “2001” part of the vehicle’s nomenclature indicates year of manufacture then please ignore my earlier comments re scenarios!

I think the 2001 refers to something else.
There was a TAM 2001 model 1971 in a Yugoslav movie made in 1973
so I would guess at mid sixties and onward

Phew! Thanks Robin.

According to a website I cannot read :smiley: :

TAM 2000/2001/75/80/90 (1960. – 1989.)

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Pity it’s resin… I can’t seem to get on with that stuff, but maybe someday. Don’t think a limited run resin kit is the best place to start.

Paul, for what it’s worth I cut my resin teeth on a conversion kit - as opposed to full-on resin; in my case it was Accurate Armour’s Charioteer conversion and it proved to be quite a gentle way to approach the medium. Thereafter, though I don’t claim to be fully at ease with the stuff, I found that by approaching the subject model methodically and logically (as often the instructions are lacking), bearing in mind the extra brittleness of resin, I could end up with something half-decent.

Only a suggestion to help pave the way so to speak but a conversion kit involving resin and injected might be the way to go (hope this doesn’t all sound too patronising - it probably does - but I’m sure you’ll know where I’m coming from!)

Not at all patronising Brian. I was thinking along those lines myself and have a project in mind that would fit the bill.
Wait out…

TAM 2001 was equipped with 5-speed gear box and more powerful engine than its predecessor TAM 2000. That’s the meaning of the last digit. 2000 marks its carrying capacity (2 tons) and C is the designation for the van (Combi).


nice additions … thanks :slight_smile: