Tristar Flak Panzer I and Cyber Hobby Panzer II Ausf F upgrades

I just bought the two kits in the title on a whim. Don’t know much about either vehicle, but I thought they both looked real cool.

Was wondering what, if any upgrades I should add to either?

Also was curious what kind of soldiers crewed the flak panzer I. I will be modeling one in Stalingrad, before they got wiped out, when they were attached to 6th armee in army group south. Were they crewed by tank crews, artillery, Luftwaffe as other antiaircraft vehicles, or by regular infantry?

The Luftwaffe was generally in charge of all AA units.

Thanks that is what I assumed, but it is hard to find info on these vehicles. Only 24 were ever made and they were all destroyed by the time the battle of Stalingrad ended

I think I am going to order a metal barrel for the Panzer and flak panzer.

I am fairly sure the Panzer II Ausf F. had a KwK 30 L55 gun but correct me if I am wrong?

I know the Flak panzer had a 2cm Flak 38 but I don’t know if it was the L50 or L65, does anyone know?


The Ausf F had a 2cm Kwk 40 L/55.

The only thing I can find for the Flakpanzer is the 2cm Flak 38 L/112.5 OR L/65. There seems to be a few arguments about this although some people seem to think it depends on if you’re referring to barrel length or overall gun length. It also seems to depend on if you’re asking about it as an AA gun or an AT gun.

That’s what I found too which confused me as to which I would need. There are no aftermarket 112.5 which tells me it’s an error. There are only L/50 and L/65 available. I imagine L/112.5 was either total gun length or a reporting error by western nations

According too this review, I think I would need the L/50 variant:

Barrel: 2.85 cm/2cm35 ~ L/50
Total Gun: 6.44cm/2cm
35 ~ L/112.5

Quick update. The measurement in the photo I provided is only the visible portion of the barrel. Barrel measurements are taken from the end of the barrels to the breach/bolt face. Upon remeasuring the photo and using their measurements the gun in question is an L/65. That is what I have ordered.

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