Trumpeter 1/35 BRDM-1, soviet naval infantry

Here is my interpretation of a soviet naval infantry BRDM-1, cold war period.
The model is built out of the box. Paints and weathering products come from the Ammo of Mig range.

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Bang on - love it!

Thank you BootsDMS !!! :smiley:

@EdmondDantes that looks awesome !

Great job on the finish Charles. Especially the highlights you’ve added to the upper surface

The streaking dust looks gear too!

Nice work!

What color green from Ammo did you use?

Very nice job…!

I used A.MIG-932 Russian Green Base as base color.
I added A.MIG-057 Yellow Grey to the green base color for the highlight.
These 2 colors come from a set called ‘Novorossiya colors’. Not very accurate for a cold war subject but I liked the colors.
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I think the colors you have used are spot-on- the green shades are beautifully observed. The highlights really add to the weathering which I think is excellent for a naval vehicle.

i am totally loving this, it’s just fabulous!

Great paint job on this vehicle!
The highlights are really well done and bring a lot to the result.
I just have a point: not all the tires treads are facing the same direction.


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Thanks. That cold war Soviet green can be elusive. I think you did a good job of replicating it and it looks’ good.

Hi Olivier,
thank you for your point. You are right. Luckily for me, I did not glue the wheels yet!
Best regards

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It’s a really good green, phased to be fading, nice!