Trumpeter AT-P tractor

Trumpeter has such an amazing catalog of Russian armor that it’s easy to find stuff you’ve never seen or heard of; this is the case here. This 50’s vintage vehicle was a gun tractor and also APC, and was widely exported; my guess is many are still in use worldwide. It has only a 110 HP motor but carries six troops, two crew, and the shells in the wooden boxes. The kit was decent; the suspension was rather delicate (meaning I broke it several times) but I got it fixed. I painted it with AK realcolor paints and normal weathering.


It is original and looks good. The track tension seems a bit too loose in my opinion. Did the wooden crates come in the box?

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Olivier: You’re right, it is too loose, due to my breaking the suspension I screwed up the length; taking just one link out would’ve screwed up the whole thing! Better too loose than incomplete! The boxes did come in the kit and they are almost as good as my resin Valuegear boxes. No aftermarket at all was used on this build.


Nice little tractor, well done. Are the crew hatches separate or molded on?

Great work!

The crew hatches are separate but there is no front interior. The back interior, under the canvas roof, does have bulkheads and seats although they can’t be seen when done.

Thanks for information. Missed opportunity on Trumpeters part.