Trumpeter E-100 plus extras build Finished

I started this while the weather was so warm and humid and decidely not airbrushing friendly.
I am now going to paint and finish this at the same time as the RFM Panther F build.
Starts as usual with the hull…

…the swing arms etc fitted…

…wheels drying/setting before sanding seams etc.

First time using R-Model tracks…

… four parts per track section…

…like this from both sides…

…they would have been quite large IRL …

… burnished. I am going to be able to fit them after painting the rest…

reworked the flame cuts. Picture shows a before and after.

Masked off areas not having texture added to the surface…

…using Tamiya airbrush cleaner AKA Tamiya Extra Thin to dissolve Tamiya basic grey putty and then stippled on with a stiff brush.

I drilled out the locating holes for the side skirts and put plasic rod in the “male” side to make them removable.

I reasoned that the gun cleaning rods would have to be a lot bigger than a Tiger for example so I made a much larger one from brass tube.


Lovely start Colin. Those tracks are big … I wouldnt want to be doing a real track change with those … a Chally was bad enough haha.

Did you use Mr Surfacer for the hull texture ? looks very good. I do like these trumpy E100’s lots of scope for artistic licence with how to finish it. Any plans for the cam or final finish ?

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Thanks John.

Then lightly sanded after letting it cure for 24 hours.
I am going to make my life slightly easier by using the same faded colours on the E-100 and the Panther F but in totally different schemes.
ATM I am going for a dot/circle based one for the Panther and a geometric pattern on the E-100 both using masks.
The E-100 is having removable skirts so that the lovely tracks can be viewed if wanted and put back at will.

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Looking good. I built up one of these myself a while back but it remained a shelf queen and I think I binned it. I also, like you, decided on metal tracks- on the one hand their size made them easy to work with, on the other hand there is an awful lot of them :grin:!

I like the additions you have made thus far- just right for this vehicle I think. Your plans for camo sound excellent too.

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that serves me right for not reading between the images lol … bad me :see_no_evil: :innocent:


Thank you.
Yes there are a lot of tracks.
Four parts per section plus one pin.
Fifty sections per track run twice.
I will let you do the maths :slight_smile:


I am just as guilty when commenting on other posts. In my case I blame older age and Guinness abuse :slight_smile:

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How does spilling Guinness affect post reading? :man_shrugging: You should drink it all instead. :grin:


Some more progres pictures.
Primed and red oxide applied.

Green next.

I had bought Solidscale stencils for the hex camouflage

I ruined/wasted some and I did not think they were big enough so I made my own using my Cricut Maker.

I used home made stencils for the names, numbers and crosses.

I gave it an overall satin coat prior to beginning weathering and chipping.

I was not happy how far the Aber barrel made the gun manlet/collar stick out…

…so I sawed some plastic off and now it looks better.

I let the varnish cure for 24 hours and so the weathering/chipping can now start.


Very interesting looking camo and I like the stencilled name.

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Nice job. I am about to order this one as I do love the E100 family. The cam scheme is very nice. I like the partial hex’s as they gradually fade out. What green was that you used ? I was thinking of getting the AK 3rd Gen 1946 set.

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Thanks John.
The green is XF-58 X 1 + XF-55 X1 + XF-02 X1 + Transparator X3 all eyeballed measures using a pipette.

Then for the even lighter green hexes I added more white to the mix.

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Some more progress made now I have recovered from my 65th birthday.


Fantastic job with that weathering and the various washes/liners etc. It has a real used look to it and its all blended perfectly. I am a big fan of if not all then most of the side skirts not being fitted to the E100s as I love seeing that huge track - very well done and a belated happy birthday to boot

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Thanks John.
Just the tracks to mud up, some mud splashes on the hull and tracks.
Then its detail painting like the night sight then done.
Personally I prefer it without the skirts.
A question if I may. I got a Meng resin stowage set for my Merkava Mk4 and one part is warped.
Could you tell me how to flatten it out without ruining it please?

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Im no expert on resin sadly but the only remedy I have heard about is very hot water and warming it through and reshaping if possible and I think someone has mentioned a hairdryer but to be careful of not over heating the part…


Absolutely beautiful painting and excellent use of weathering products. Outstanding results. It’s got that “beaten up but not beaten” look to it. Very mean looking. I like the paint scratches and the streaking, too. Innovative camo, I like it! Berlin Brigade '46!

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another advantage is that without skirt, it take less places

Thanks I will post some more pictures when it is finished.
I am trying to get it done before I have to be a grandfather starting next Monday.

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Make sure everything is placed at least 5ft from ground level lol …remember the T34 ??