Trumpeter: Flak in September | Armorama™

Trumpeter's kits for September focus on WWII German anti-aircraft guns, both in 1/35 scale.

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I’ll believe it in September when the FAMO Flak hits my hot and sweaty modelling hands!

I do not think the Flak41 will offer any improvement over the Bronco one, other than smaller part count.
The Famo will be welcome, hopefully the one with Bilstein crane will follow soon.

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I will likely grab that FAMO. If only Tamiya did one on their lovely FAMO…

Totally stupid of Tamiya that they never offered the Flak on their Famo. Given all the existing tooling they already owned!

Same with the Deuce and a half. Why no enclosed cab versions???


… and/or short wheel base, and all the variants - the possibilities are endless. No, I won’t mention the Hobby Boss kits.

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I never thought the Trumpeter Famo would be released, it’s been years since the three kits were announced. I’m still hoping for the rare artillery version, and I hope they’ve consulted Nuts & Bolts 43, not 12, as several new details came to light: very different road wheels and a third headlight, for example.

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If I could choose one kit anywhere any time to be updated and modernised then reissued it would be the Tamiya FAMO. Truly fantastic, even now. Probably the best model kit I’ve ever built. An absolute masterclass. I cannot imagine how such a kit must have been for those in the 90s who had been building Tamiya Panthers and Tigers and Hanomags to then get this box home and crack on with that. Talk about a quantum leap.

When I think of what they could do with it now with the current era molding, more slide molded parts, better figures, maybe some more PE, it could be… damn.

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With all the hoopla about Trumpies 1/35 FAMO being released in September, I have yet to see any advertising/preorder. Whadup with dem people??

I’ll put good use of N&B 43…but the aftermarket will have to catch up.