Trumpeter Himars left over parts vs. Dragon 3 in 1

Not as bad as Dragon obviously, but gave me flashbacks of the Wittmann kit I had. :crazy_face:

Extra frame rails ! what ? And half the clear parts dont even get used. Being sarcastic but what does a 1078 or 1083 have that this was maybe used for also?

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The M142 HIMARS is built on a modified M1083 truck chassis. In the Trumpeter M142 HIMARS kit you get pretty much all their basic M1083 parts and a few extra sprues with the M142-specific parts on them. That is why you have many left over parts. Most of their truck kits are done this way with extra sprues added to to basic truck parts to make the new version. What is the issue with lots of extra parts? The more the better for future projects.


I would have two different answers to that question.

  1. If you like to kit bash, collect boxes of your builds, keep extra stuff laying around your house and slowly start your spiral into hoarding, this would be a great kit to help you with that.

  2. If you have gotten to the point that, no I do not need to keep every box, every extra part left on a sprue, collect instructions and have started a filing cabinet for all past kits. Keeping a stash of kits not built vs keeping a stash of kits also with extra parts just laying around for what if days. No it is not me anymore. I also kinda enjoy seeing how far I might have left on a build by seeing parts gone from the sprue. Trumpeter make these sprue’s were you want to code mark or highlight the sprue letters. Why, well because you cant just scan your sprue’s for your next part because, well because like a Dragon kit it slows you down hunting for parts.