Trumpeter M872 Trailer from Kit 01015

Looking to buy the trailer from the trumpeter M915 Kit# 01015 or just the wheels (sprue H) & tires if you have them.


I don’t have one to sell (actually looking for one myself) but if you are just looking for the wheels and tires, you can order them from Trumpeter. I have ordered sprues from them with great service, and the shipping isn’t bad either.

Yeah I have those in my cart there. But it will only let me put one H sprue in the cart and I need 2 So i don’t know if that means it comes as 2 or what it will only allow 1 tyre as well. I have never ordered from them before. And shipping isn’t cheap to have to do it twice. I am looking for them for my M1062 tanker trailer build. From what I can tell the Fruehauf trailers never had the M54 wheels as you indicated you going to use.

I am rethinking them too. I am considering putting these on it instead.

I think those would be a far better option at least for the tires. As the build dates on the trailers are late 80’s early 90’s they certainly make more sense.
I ordered the sprue and tires from Trumpeter we shall see what I get. I have another trailer here but I didn’t want to scavenge it unless I had to.

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