Trumpeter T-62 Kits Help

Good afternoon folks

Looking to build a Afghan T-62A or T-62AM. Unfortunately the Trumpeter kits are not labeled that way. Does anyone know which kit would be the best starting point?


The best choice would be the T-62 mod 1972 for a A and for the M there should be a T-62BDD.


I think Trumpeter kit no 1554 is the correct one for an Afghan T-62AM

If you wanted to do a particular tank you could this for reference that my friend Rob R. and I drove around. Note the style of track, applique armor on glacis and turret front, and laser range finder. All external fuel tanks were missing. What isn’t clearly visible are the spider web wheels in many locations.

Thanks for the help guys.

Does anyone know if there are major differences between the Trumpeter kit 1553 and 1554? The 1554 kit is hard to find right now. I already have the markings I need so not worried about that.

It looks like 1553 is based on the model 1962 version and 1554 is based on the model 1972 version. Main difference being the model 72 turret has the AAMG cupola and model 62 has flush loaders hatch as well as tracks, model 72 uses Rmsh live tracks while model 62 uses the original Omsh tracks. If memory serves they also have different engine decks but i guess thats not the case if the painting guide you’ve posted is correct.

Thanks for the help guys. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which was availability, I ended up going with the T-62 Mod.1975 (Mod.1972+KTD2). It should work well.


Thanks again