Two-times the classic Britishness - Mbox Spit 16 (OOB)

Obviously, the Spitfire is a plane that needs no introduction. It was in production before WWII and continued in production even after the War. It was produced in a staggering variety of variants for a number of roles, and has long been a darling of model kit makers and model builders.

Of course, even I have a couple of Spits in the stash, but I’m a particular fan of the bubbletops, and I prefer building them to the more “normal” Malcom-hooded variety of Spit. Now, I also love Matchboxes, so when I got the chance to get my mitts on a Matchbox bubbletop, you KNOW I was all in!

Check out this interesting late-life remould, the Matchbox Spitfire XVI, out of box at the link below. Don’t tell me a clipped wing bubbletop isn’t cool, even if this might not be the best kit of it!