Twogar is coming along, but not easily!

That old saying about not judging a book by its cover seems to be true! When I got the Sword 1/72 TF-9J Cougar with the Vietnam-era decals and weapons, I was pretty excited. The kit looked decent, and despite being a bit expensive, I figured it would be a fairly easy project.

Yeah, well… turns out, it’s not quite as nice as it looked. I’ve been battling this thing for a bit, and while I’ve now got it together, I have to say it’s a lot more short-run than I’d have thought. However, I’ve wanted a Twogar forever, so I’m still glad I’ve got it. I think.

Check out how it’s going at the update below, and when they say “buyer beware”, remember that they may have had this thing in mind!

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same deal with the 1/48 Kittyhawk kit…eventhough it is technically NOT a short run kit


Well, that’s a bit distressing.

I remember reading a review on it in a magazine a few years ago, and they said it was a bit troublesome. I was disconcerted by the seam in the middle of the cockpit; how is that supposed to be okay in this day and age? Heck, Matchboxes and Hellers didn’t even have that issue!

Good luck with it!