Type 62 the lighter version of T55


after along series of cut and paste I begin to prepare external loads


Tamiya conversion?

Big work. But, isn’t there a kit of Trumpeter of this subject?

Maybe he had a left over Tamiya kit, now that there are better T-55’s on the market :wink:
Trumpeter 05537

I’m starting with an old Lindberg T55 and a Esci Turret the lindberg turret is too fragile and it’s destroy during cut and past activity
a big saw 's job need to spacing correctly wheels axles.

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Esci wheels needs modifications

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Some serious white work. Very nice indeed.

turret’s layout is still complete

general layout is complete…

Wow you e really put a lot of work into that it looks great so far

M3 screws help me to fix wheels

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soviet green is displayed
wheels must be realingned…