Typhoon Family Seat Belts | Armorama

Along with the Typhoon K interior, Quinta Studio offers a very interesting set of seat belts for Typhoon family of vehicles...

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These are fantastic, but with 17 seats and $3-4 per set, it’ll be a decent investment to outfit the Typhoon. But they should definitely be easier to assemble then the various PE options and it will make finishing a whole lot easier!

My thoughts exactly. Fantastic upgrade, but outfitting the Typhoon K with those seat belts would cost more than a kit itself. Ouch!


I hate PE at the best of times but consider it a necessary evil. So these look like a bit more of an “enjoyable” option and a timesaver, so it is probably money well spent. If you limit the number of roof hatches that are open, you might get away with using these on only a few of the more visible seats, and PE belts on the less visible ones.

Beautiful stuff but I too am concerned by the cost of the full set, especially if you include the (amazing) driver’s instrument cluster. Oh well, hold the nose and try not to flinch while entering your credit card numbers…