Ukrainian Armour in Braille Scale

Not surprisingly, we’ve recently seen a great deal of interest in 1/35-scale Russian and Ukrainian armour and figures. Can anyone recommend any decent 1/76 or 1/72-scale kits that would be appropriate for current Ukrainian tanks and AFVs?



Modelcollect have several late Soviet-era, and modern Russian tanks/AFV’s in 1/72.
Modelcollect. 1/72 It looks like Modelcollect has scaled -back many of their previous releases, but they may still be available in some stores.
S-models also have some Soviet-era vehicles: S-model - Shop Cheap S-model from China S-model Suppliers at Real-toys Store on - fighting vehicles,vehicle time,vehicle black box camera,tank sticker,tank top tee shirts,tank t-shirt
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ICM and ACE have released some related stuff as well :[]=All&q=1%3A72+ukrainian*&fkGROUPS[]=%22Vehicles%22

You can also have a look at the Armada Hobby range

Armada Hobby 1/72nd scale kits

Can’t vouch for the quality though…


Thanks to you both … most helpful.