Ukrainian MT-LB finished

Hi all
This is the Trumpeter kit with some extras from the spare box. The slat armour is scratch build from evergreen plastic.
Hope you like it :blush:


Really like the worn but not abused look you have achieved. :+1: :+1:

Looks really nice. Good job. Do you have any more clearer pics that show the interior? It is really hard to see with the lighting in your pics.

Impressive work! :heart_eyes:

Very nice job! I like all the stowage! That’s probably my weakest area.

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Great looking beast

I only got these two, which was taken before I glued the two hull pieces together.


Wow so it comes with an interior?
Looks great

Nice. The interior looks great.

Yes, a full interior (all you see above) comes in the kit.

Excellent job !

That looks awesome! I love the heavy weathered look, also the scratch built slat armor is jaw dropping!

Fantastic build, a real pleasure to examine :slightly_smiling_face:

Amazing! I’m working on a Ukrainian BMP-1 - what was your technique to get the white ID stripes masked over complex surfaces, and then to weather/fade?

I used masking tape, and then applied the white colour with a brush. Usually the stripes on the real deal are just applied that way.