Ultimate IDF Armor Decal Set | Armorama

UZI Decals is a series of Elefant Corporation Ltd. focused exclusively on IDF decals. The first release in the series is Ultimate IDF Armor Decal Set (UZI35001), a set which provides markings for various IDF insignia, stencils and labels.

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I haven’t been able to find a high resolution image of this this set to check out whether all Hebrew characters are correct (their previous set had some inaccuracies), but from what I’ve seen it looks like a nice comprehensive set. I’m definitely gonna get one. Or two.

Having said that, this isn’t really an armor decal set as it doesn’t include any regimental/battalion/company tactical markings, but rather one designed for soft skins. Also, I don’t really get why they included decals for field rations. Since these are in cardboard boxes in reality, the modeler is better off with solutions printed on paper.

Thank you for the comments, I appreciate the input.

As for the decals for field rations, I sometimes made US rations from resin boxes so I had to print my own decals for those.