Un manned squadrons

Anybody heard from Rumor Control what designation the Navy are going use for the X-47 Pegasus squadrons when they actually get operational? WIth the possibilities of attack, refueling, and electronic warfare … Airwing Support Squadron?

I would think they might mix squadrons for a good bit to get the unmanned pilots used to the mission than later it would be fully unmanned squadron. :man_shrugging:

Dunno 'bout that. Missions might be the same but procedures would be totally different.

Yes but you have general ship life, understanding the Navy etc etc that new nuggets will need to be taught. Those things 24 yrs don’t know and understand about Naval operations and the boomers understanding UAV mixed into the operations. That’s a two way street. I will ask some peeps in the game if they know.

The Navy is using VUP designation (V-heavier than air, U- unmanned, P-patrol) for unmanned drone patrol squadrons, so perhaps the strike type will be VUA.

As for the remote operators….